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Device Management Client Lite 1.0.0 release notes (preview)

Client Lite 1.0.0 is the first preview release with support for:

The software is alpha quality, which means:

  • It compiles with with GCC_ARM compiler only.
  • All client features are not in place yet.
  • APIs may change.
  • Documentation is not perfect.
  • Memory (RAM/ROM) consumption is not in target level.

Known issues

Client Lite is work-in-progress so there are some known issues to keep in mind while using the APIs:

  • Note: Client Lite 1.1.0 sends an additional component update object (/14) as part of its registration message even though the client does not support it yet. The update service has been updated after the original release of Client Lite 1.1.0 to handle such client in a different way so there is a backward compatibility break happening and Client Lite 1.1.0 cannot perform successful firmware update. It is strongly recommended to update to Client Lite 1.1.1 release or later.

  • NRF52840_DK board uses J-Link. It has some stability issues when flashing the board. Sometimes, it ends up in "read only" mode. To fix this, unplug the USB cable and plug it back in.

  • API definitions and behavior may not be stable and may change in future releases.

  • The logs show:

    Resource created
    Error code : 7

    You can ignore this error.

  • NRF52840_DK does not compile with ARMC6 compiler.

  • The device preserves certificates between device flashes (using .hex flashing). If you want the device to pick new developer credentials, you need to clear the storage for example with pyocd erase --mass-erase or use the configuration option storage-reset-dev-credentials. The device creates a new Device ID if it is not found in KVStore. Please note that developer certificate limits number of devices to 100.

  • The bare-metal OS configuration is available only for NRF52840_DK + Cellular BG96 target (in mbed_app.json). For DISCO_L475VG_IOT01A, you need to use the RTOS configuration (mbed_app_rtos.json).