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Default message id generator library


file  default_message_id_generator.h
 Default message ID generator for JSON-RPC messages.


typedef char *(* generate_msg_id) ()
 A prototype of the ID generation function. More...


char * edge_default_generate_msg_id ()
 Default message generation function. More...

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

typedef char*(* generate_msg_id) ()

A prototype of the ID generation function.

The function must provide unique and non-clashing IDs for the session.

A unique message ID.

Function Documentation

char* edge_default_generate_msg_id ( )

Default message generation function.

This function implements a default message generator function. The prototype definition of the function is generate_msg_id.

Numeric ascending message IDs are generated and returned as a character array.
The character array is NULL terminated.
If the allocation fails, NULL is returned.