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WholeAlly is a Pelion Partner

Founded in January 2013 in Xiamen University National Science Park, Wholeally is a high-tech enterprise in Xiamen and China. The company is positioned as an intelligent visual data transmission technology service provider, focusing on the research of video, AI and IOT core technologies, many years of software and hardware development experience and industry landing experience. To build “AIoT + video middle platform”, that is, through cloud center nodes (streaming media platform) and AIoT data acquisition edge nodes, nearly 200 standardized and fully open software and hardware SDK and API interfaces are formed. Realize the generalized access of multiple types of data and platforms, empower the system integrators of various industries, and help them to integrate rapidly and land vertical industry applications.

At present, products and technologies have been widely used in smart campus, smart car, smart elevator, smart site / community, information monitoring and other industries. The total number of service developers is 3000 +, and the total number of access devices is 80000 +, generating 1.5 billion + video related data, enabling more than 30 industries.