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Vertexcom Technologies, Inc. is a Pelion Partner

Vertexcom Technologies, is a long range, large scale, auto network of IoT and smart grid communication chip and networking software design company. It provides low-cost Wi-SUN, PLC and integrated dual-mode communication solutions.

Vertexcom Technologies is committed to expanding the scale and reliability of Wi-SUN FAN networks and strengthening information security protection, deploying 1,000 Wi-SUN FAN node mesh network in Vertexcom office ara, and the networking time only takes 30 minutes.

Vertexcom is the first Wi-SUN SoC and network software design company, and the first company has three Wi-SUN FAN certifications which is necessary for Wi-SUN FAN certified product shipment, including FAN PHY, FAN Router, and FAN Border Router. Vertexcom can realize long-distance transmission and thousand-point automatic networking based on Wi-SUN FAN network, also can interconnect with other Wi-SUN FAN certified devices, assist customers’ communication modules, smart gateways, and end-product quickly acquire Wi-SUN FAN certification and timely to the market.

Products and services offered:

  • Silicon Vendor