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Mobica Ltd is a Pelion Partner

Mobica is a software consultancy and engineering services provider, with offices in Europe and the US, supporting leading global technology companies. We specialize in the design, development, integration and testing of complex end-to-end solutions for silicon, industrial IoT, consumer electronics, telco and automotive customers from sensors/microcontrollers to business critical platforms and large scale cloud/data centres.

Mobica’s service offerings in secure end-to-end solution development and deployment, from device to cloud, cover:
• creation and deployment of IoT devices and solutions
• IoT platform development and integration
• Mbed platform development and porting
• connectivity implementations: device-device and device-gateway-cloud, including security solutions
• device management ranging from embedded development to backend cloud management and integration, including the modification and integration of backend bespoke Pelion services
• IoT services deployment as part of a digital transformation agenda for industrial and utilities IoT programs, including solutions in smart metering, communications hubs and design /development of cloud-based dashboards for device management, data management and connectivity.

Products and services offered:

  • Engineering Services
  • Systems Integration