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E Ink is a Pelion Partner

E Ink Holdings Inc. is the originator, pioneer and commercial leader in ePaper technology. The company has transformed and defined the eReader and eNote market and is now redefining the retail (electronic shelf label), mobile, wearable, signage and design markets with its ePaper technology. E Ink technology is intrinsically bi-stable, reflective, and flexible, and has many benefits such as being paper-like, always-on, energy efficient, readable in direct sunlight, and lightweight. E Ink’s ePaper is considered the ideal display technology and human-machine interface for our smart life, particularly because it is bi-stable; images stay on without consuming energy, which is only consumed when updating images. These benefits enable our modern life in which IoT and AI are widely adopted in smart cities. To learn more about E Ink Technology and its applications, visit www.eink.com.