Connect to Pelion Device Management

Step 4: Put the application on your device.

You are now ready to build the application and flash it to your device over USB.

  1. Prepare the device to connect to the internet. Visit the device page to follow the instructions to register your device to the Cellular network.
  2. Make sure your device is selected as a compilation target in the top right-hand corner. If your device is not selected, click Select a platform.
  3. To create the application binary, click Compile. The binary includes the developer connect and update certificates, and the device bootloader required to apply firmware updates remotely. The binary is downloaded to your browser's default download location.
  4. Connect the board to your computer with a USB cable. The device should appear as removable storage.

    If you are not a first-time Pelion Device Management user your device may already have connect and update certificates on it. If this is the case, manually format your device's internal storage before proceeding.

  5. Drag and drop the compiled binary to the device to install the application.
  6. Ensure your device is connected to power and press the reset button.