Connect to Pelion Device Management

Step 2: Add the Pelion example program to our online IDE.

Before you start, you must create an Mbed account with Pelion free tier access to complete the following tutorial.

You’re going to use the Mbed Online Compiler to configure and build the example application. The Online Compiler needs to access your Mbed account and to know which device you're using.

  1. You need to tell the Online Compiler which device you will be targeting. Click the button below to import the U-blox C030-R412M into the Online Compiler.

    Add U-blox C030-R412M to the Online Compiler
  2. Click the button below to import the example application for your device into the Online Compiler.

    Import the Pelion connect tutorial
  3. The Online Compiler Import Program dialog is displayed. Ensure Update all libraries to the latest revision is not selected and click Import.