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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Cregistry_available_parameters_sStructure for marking the observation parameters available inside the associated structure
 Cregistry_callback_token_sClient Lite internal callbacks always associate with a token to enable multiple ongoing callbacks
 Cregistry_data_generic_uCommon name for storing either opaque or string data of Resources
 Cregistry_data_opaque_sStructure for keeping opaque data in a registry item
 Cregistry_generic_value_sAll non-primitive data in registry item values is stored through this structure
 Cregistry_listing_sThis data structure is used when searching or otherwise iterating the LwM2M Object hierarchy in the registry
 Cregistry_object_value_uAll resource values are stored through this common name
 Cregistry_observation_value_uUnion for carrying previous integer or floating point value of the observed Resource
 Cregistry_path_sDescribes the path of an item in the LwM2M Object registry