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Device Management Update

You can extend a device's life by delivering upgrades and critical fixes, including security patches, as an update. Device Management Update sends new firmware to deployed devices. To do this, you need the Device Management Update client running on the device and the Device Management Update service delivering the updates.

About this documentation

This documentation is split between tutorials, which you can follow without additional information, and concepts, optional supplementary material on Update functionality and configuration. The tutorials show you how to perform an update. If you would like more information, the concepts material tells you how it works.

This documentation provides detailed information about updating managed devices. For a quick getting started guide, see the Update quick guide.

Where to start

If you're running campaigns for a fleet of devices and don't need to know the whole process, you can skip to the tutorials on Update using Device Management Portal or the APIs.

If you're a developer using Update for the first time, we recommend you begin with the prerequisites and follow the tutorials based on your interface. This workflow includes integrating the Update client into your application, creating a firmware image and manifest and running a campaign.