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StringBufferBase Class Reference

#include <m2mstringbufferbase.h>

Inheritance diagram for StringBufferBase:
StringBuffer< SIZE >

Protected Member Functions

bool ensure_space (size_t max_size, size_t required_size) const
bool append (char *buff, size_t max_size, char data)
bool append (char *buff, size_t max_size, const char *data)
bool append (char *buff, size_t max_size, const char *data, size_t data_len)
bool append_int (char *buff, size_t max_size, uint16_t data)
int find_last_of (const char *buff, char search_char) const

Protected Attributes

size_t _curr_size

Detailed Description

This class is the base class for fixed-sized string buffers.

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