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M2MTimerObserver Class Referenceabstract

#include <m2mtimerobserver.h>

Public Types

enum  Type {
  Notdefined, Registration, NsdlExecution, PMinTimer,
  PMaxTimer, Dtls, QueueSleep, RetryTimer,
  BootstrapFlowTimer, RegistrationFlowTimer, StaggerWaitTimer, DnsQueryFallback,

Public Member Functions

virtual void timer_expired (M2MTimerObserver::Type type=M2MTimerObserver::Notdefined)=0
 Indicates that the timer has expired. More...

Detailed Description

Observer class for indicating the timer expiry to the parent class.

Member Enumeration Documentation

The types of timer that can be created for mbed Client.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void M2MTimerObserver::timer_expired ( M2MTimerObserver::Type  type = M2MTimerObserver::Notdefined)
pure virtual

Indicates that the timer has expired.

typeThe type of the timer that has expired.

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