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pt_devices_api.h File Reference

Contains the interface to manage multiple devices. More...

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#define PT_API_VERSION   2


typedef void(* pt_devices_cb) (connection_id_t connection_id, void *userdata)
 A function prototype for calling the client code when devices operation (for example: write, register or unregister) is done. More...


pt_status_t pt_devices_register_devices (const connection_id_t connection_id, pt_devices_cb devices_registration_success, pt_devices_cb devices_registration_failure, void *userdata)
 registers the devices that haven't been registered yet. More...
pt_status_t pt_devices_unregister_devices (const connection_id_t connection_id, pt_devices_cb devices_unregistration_success, pt_devices_cb devices_unregistration_failure, void *userdata)
 Unregisters all the registered devices. More...
pt_status_t pt_devices_update (const connection_id_t connection_id, pt_devices_cb success_handler, pt_devices_cb failure_handler, void *userdata)
 Updates the changed object structure from the endpoint device to Edge Core. More...

Detailed Description

Contains the interface to manage multiple devices.