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client.h File Reference

**Deprecated** Protocol translator client for API v1. More...

#include "pt-client/pt_api.h"

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#define CLIENT_H_
#define DEPRECATED(func)   func


 DEPRECATED (struct connection *connection_init(struct context *ctx, client_data_t *client_data, const protocol_translator_callbacks_t *pt_cbs, void *userdata))
 Initializes the connection structure between Device Management Edge and the connected protocol translator. More...
 DEPRECATED (void pt_client_set_msg_id_generator(generate_msg_id generate_msg_id))
 Set the message id generation function. More...
 DEPRECATED (void pt_client_final_cleanup())
 This function cleans used memory, e.g. unhandled requests. More...

Detailed Description

**Deprecated** Protocol translator client for API v1.

The protocol translator API v1 is deprecated. The API will exist until end of 2019.